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Atlas Building Removals 2006 Ltd

Atlas is a professional Building Removal Company with over 40 years of quality experience.

Whether you need to buy, sell, or trade your house, we can help you! You can rest assured the job will be completed in a professional manner, on time, and for the right price. We are proud members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association and Site Safe.

Contact us for free no-obligation quotes, with modern, well presented equipment and punctual, experienced staff.

We are based in Drury, South Auckland and cover the greater Auckland area.

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Don’t waste money demolishing your old house?

We have many enquiries from people wanting to have a house removed off their site who don't realise their old house still has some value.  They are pleasantly surprised when we are able to pay them a cash price for it, or alternatively offer to remove it for no charge sometimes saving them thousands of dollars in demolition and tipping fees.

At Atlas Building Removals 2006 Ltd, we can give you a free quote, with a guaranteed date of removal, and a competitive cash price for your house.

We strive to to get your new project running as smoothly as possible. This begins with streamlined, safe removal of your old house. Selling your house to Atlas Building Removals 2006 Ltd gives you many benefits, including:

  • You will be kept well informed and up to date on how the removal process is going.
  • No more guess-work as to what the next step in the project will be.

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Why Sell Your Old House for Relocation Instead of Demolition?

Selling your house for relocation is the ultimate in recyling. You could save upward of $10,000 in demolition fees. This is money you can put towards your new project. By avoiding the demolition of your old house, we can minimise and limit materials sent to landfill, reuse / repurpose buildings and houses so that another family gets the opportunity to get into the property market with an affordable and sustainable house.

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